Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What a wonderful evening we had celebrating our precious Pastor's Wife's Birthday! Our church ladies made special effort to make sure she had a great day! We met in town at a nice restaurant and feasted on good food, had wonderful fellowship, and made forever memories.                                                                                                   

She is a very special person in my life. She has been my pastor's wife since I was 10 years old! I have to say she is like a second mother to me. I grew up with her daughters and spent just as much time at their house as my own.  She is a Godly example in modesty, meekness, submission, humility, prayer, and so many other areas. What an encouragement! As every child of God knows, living for the Lord is not a bed of roses. There have been disappointments, discouraging times, many valleys and trials. But through it all she remained faithful and in love with her Lord. Thank you for your testimony. I love you, Mrs. Yvonne!                                                         

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Love Fall!

This time of year is probably my favorite. The cool weather, the changing leaves, the anticipated Holidays, and of course, my soon coming birthday! I am mostly excited though about the beautiful creation of God that we are so privileged to enjoy. Oftentimes in Texas, we don't get much of a "Fall". It stays so hot right up until the cold hits. That usually causes all the leaves to simply turn brown and fall off the trees. This year however, our Fall Season has been wonderful! The trees are lovely, and the weather couldn't be better. Just one more thing to be thankful for. Don't forget to take time when you enjoy His creation to say a small "thank you".

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Growing up, I always had an, dog, horse, I even attempted fish and hamsters, just like every other kid whose parents couldn't say "no"...not that mine couldn't say "no"...guess I was just a very persuasive kid... anyways, I always had a pet. Since I've been married, we have had a puppy, 2 kittens, another puppy, turtles and frogs. I thought we had finally resolved to the fact that pets are not for us. Then Panda showed up. Panda is a female ( I think) cat that showed up at our house a week or so ago, and after someone fed her, she hasn't left. Well, she's been fun. She stays OUTSIDE, loves for you to pet her, and isn't a nuisance, so far.
(yet to be named)
I was telling my mom (a real cat lover) about her and she said wistfully, "I think I'm ready for another kitten." Her last one got run over. Sniff... Then - it happened - I saw 3 Siamese kittens on Swap Shop - and I just did it. That's right, I got all 3!! My mom is getting 2 of them...which means we will once again be in the pet business. And I don't think it will be as easy to get rid of them this time.